Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS

Comparison Between HTTP And HTTPS in Full Depth

We all know that what is HTTP and HTTPS. The Full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol and HTTPS full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Generally, we all have seen that in URL. Both names look like the same but the HTTPS features are more useful in comparison to HTTP. But the question is which is the best. So, let’s see


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It is an application protocol and this is useful for distributed, collaborative and Hypermedia information system. HTTP is a short form of hypertext transfer protocol which is Provide standard rules for a web browser. HTTP is a fast protocol. It was use port 80 by default. HTTP URLs begin with “http://”. And this website does not use encryption. In HTTP anyone can see the content because there is no privacy technology. HTTP gives a set of rules and standards which gives information about how can be transmitted on the world wide web. HTTP website does not need any type of certification, and it operates the TCP/IP level.

HTTP is an application layer protocol. HTTP allows creating a secure connection between the browser and the server. This is helpful to protect sensitive information from being stolen. There are possibilities to steal sensitive or critical information. HTTP is quickly accessible because HTTP pages are stored on internet caches and computer. It can be carried out with other protocol on the Internet or other networks. No requirement any runtime support. But HTTP is less secure than HTTPS.


HTTPS is highly advanced and secured. It is a short abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. For data connection, it uses the port no. 443. HTTPS is highly secure and safe than HTTP. HTTPS provides the encrypted and secure identification of a network server. HTTPS is more secure against hackers, it is specially designed for those hackers, who are stolen or accessing critical information.

HTTPS URLs begins with “https://”. HTTPS requires an SSL certificate. This certificate required because this certificate authority not only validates the domain ownership as well as it also shows owners identification, and it means that you have a proof of your business registration. HTTPS provides you an encrypted and secure identification of a network server. In HTTPS protocol SSL transactions and it is negotiated with the help of key-based encryption algorithm. Generally, this key strength in 40 or 128 bits.

HTTPS is a secured connection. It is built trust in users because SSL technology protects their sensitive information. It allows the secure transaction. And it allows users to use secure e-commerce transaction, like an online banking transaction. HTTPS speed is slower than HTTP. HTTPS also helps you to improve search ranking.


As you heard above about mainly our two Protocols that is HTTP and HTTPS. So if we talk about their Verdicts then, it has many renowned features on their own. If we talk about their safety that which one is most secure HTTP OR HTTPS then I will tell you one thing that HTTP and HTTPS both are very secure but from both of them one is the most secure one. The Full Form of both the Protocols or they can also be called HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). So first if we talk about HTTP then HTTP is the most widely used protocol which is very helpful in visiting any of the websites. It is generally used by many people it is also very helpful in doing the payment related works and also the personal works which are very confidential work.

Apart from this if we talk about HTTPS then it is the most secure Protocol version of HTTP protocol where everything is more secure than HTTP. I hope you all liked my article I would appreciate you all for having a look on my article I expect that it will be more helpful for you all and also to get more secure I would suggest you use

HTTPS i.e. HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure which will be very helpful for the security. I hope you will stay connected with us for more attractive articles like this and we would love to serve you like this. Also, share your feedback regarding the same if there would be anything we would love to improve.

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