Connect PSP to Your PC’s With the Help of Some Simple Step

If you want to connect your PSP to your computer, If yes then, stay this page. So, you are able to connect your computer and play games on your PC’s screen. You will also be able to transfer files, photos, games, and music from your computer. It is also able to go vice- versa.

To enable your PC’s to recognize it or cable to work. You need to put PSP into “USB connection mode”. You can get the option on your PC’s screen. Now we will check how you can connect your computer and PSP.

Connect It With A Mini USB Cable

  • First, you need to connect the PSP port with Mini USB cable, with this controller are able to connect to PlayStation 3.
  • Now after switch on both your PC’s and PSP you have to plug up the USB cable end to USB portend.
  • Now go into the settings menu of PSP and opt the “USB connection”.
  • Now your data of PSP need to be managed on PCs.

Connecting It With A Memory Stick

  • Firstly you have to eject the “Memory stick media” from PSP system” which is left of the PSP towards the bottom the memory stick would be associated in the given slot.
  • Now after opening the slot pull the given notch out from it.
  • Now you have to detach memory stick from the slot.
  • Now associate your PC’s USB port with “memory stick USB reader”.
  • After that cable incorporates slot at one end and USB plug at another.

Now, you have a need to inserted your memory stick in the USB reader’s slot.

In the end, your computer would make out the memory stick which will help to transfer the files from the drive.


Now the given above steps help you to connect your PSP with your PC’s effectively. If you face any trouble while sharing or transferring the file so you have need to check the cable first, that is connected properly or not because many time the defected cable you might use, so you may face issues, when you will share the large data.

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