How Can We Stop Firefox From Reloading Tabs Automatically After Crash

How Can We Stop Firefox From Reloading Tabs Automatically After Crash – Let’s See!

Firefox is a Web browser which created on 23 September 2002. It is small and faster. Firefox is the most popular Web browser and it is more secure than Mozilla Browser. It is a free web browser and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla community. There are 500 million+ users available on firefox in comparison to various platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, etc. It was released in late 2015 for iOS users that gives users a faster download speed.

Firefox is available for all the smart devices that gives you a service via the internet. The main feature of firefox is browsing that can be added or removed and it is safe and simple to use because it is customized for users needs. In Firefox web browser if you search for something and you want to save and bookmark it, you can do it too. Firefox provides you to restore search session and other for a new tab.

In Firefox you can do just a click and search everything. It provides you an infinite search bar. Do some searching on Firefox, so it will suggest you the best thing related to your Search Queries. It takes your search in history, so you can see your search anytime. It is safe and secure. This web browser is based on information services. You can explore anything, you can search anything. To explore more through Firefox, it will increase your knowledge. Also, you can explore the whole world because it has infinites searches.

How Can We Stop Firefox From Reloading Tabs Automatically After Crash

Sometimes, Firefox reloading tabs automatically even after crashed. A crash happens when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly. In such a case, when you are working on Firefox and due to some power failure, then it can be crash or even force logout system without closing tabs, this is one more reason for the crash. This issues faced by most of the people. This article will help you out. So, let’s explain in detail.

If the Firefox is open but any tab won’t respond to any of your actions, because it is hanging, not a crash. When you launch Firefox, it automatically starts reloading tabs. This thing is quite annoying. The new version of Firefox provides no options and starts directly reloading pages. Sometimes users open a complicated page in Firefox and it freezes up users computers. Then user Restart it and reloads everything that was open in tabs.

Some features of Firefox is giving trouble. It is bothersome to users. Firefox Exhaust a lot of memory when you launch it again. If that things happening to you, so here are some solutions. In the previous version of Firefox, due to some failure, It provides two options- Restore previous session and open a new tab. But in the present time, the new version of Firefox restore all the tabs without giving you a choice. So, it is better to you select a tap for reload which you want to reload, it will be your Firefox normally. In this type of situations may you will be prepared with 2-factor authentication.

Disable The Firefox To Reload The Tabs After Crash

Following some simple to disable firebox to reload the tabs after the crash:

  • To disable this feature, go to the tab and type “about config” in the search bar and press the “Enter” button, you will get a warning.
  • After, click the “I accept the risk button”.
  • Next to type “accessibility.blockautorefresh” in the address bar.
  • Then, double click-through mouse to the first item to change the value to true.
  • After all the process done you just restart Firefox.


I hope this article will help you. Firefox new version feature getting trouble sometimes. But the above-mentioned solution will help you. You may now use Firefox. This web browser is very useful in the current time. Firefox is a great platform according to the users need but it different for OS phones.

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