How to Share Live Location with ‘Telegram’

How to Share Live Location with ‘Telegram’ Follow These Easy Steps

Telegram is a very useful messaging app. Starting with the telegram 4.4 app. You can share messages, media and live location. You can now share your live location with your friends, your colleagues, your family, etc. This is useful when you are on your way or are trying to coordinate with friends. You can share your live location in every minute, 1 hour or 7 hours.

To use this amazing feature of telegram messaging app. You can also share your live locations in groups. If you are got stuck somewhere or unknown place and you are not reached anywhere, so this app will help you out, you only do this you share your current location with your friend and reached yours on destination.

Apart from English this application access 5 languages, like Russian, French, Malay, Indonesian and Ukrainian. You can also chat in your groups. For share your live location you only do go on telegram app and tap bar at the top of the screen, only need two taps to stop sharing whenever you choose.

This app is high on privacy and security that is useful for tracking your location. And telegram does not access your personal data. If you share your live locations that are a track only. And telegram allows you to see your friends status, online status, you can also show your own status if you want to hide your status, so go to the settings and online status option will be turned off. Undoubtedly, this feature is amazing.

Telegram is available for android, ios, windows phone, windows NT, macOS and Linux. Telegram team is working continuously on features to users use more features.

In Telegram Some Simple Steps To Use ‘Location Feature’

  • At first, we have to go to the settings section.
  • Then among the settings sections, we have to go to the “location services”.
  • After selecting location services there you have to turn on the “Google’s location Services”, “GPS Satellites”, and also use the assisted apps.
  • Now after turning on the location service you have to open the telegram app.
  • Now after opening the telegram app you can share your location with the desired person of your choice.
  • After sharing the location, you have to select on the attachment plugin on the top of the upper right side.
  • Now after that you will get some new options.
  • After getting the options then you have to select the “location”.
  • Now, all process is done, you will be able to share your live location with whom you want to share.

Bottom Line

In telegram app, its features and its functions are amazing. Telegram can be installed and used just like other messaging apps. Telegram has a preferred way of communication. Telegram icon looks like a paper airplane.

This app can be used in android devices, tablets, laptops, and IOS devices. In this app, all activities like chats, group chats, media, and live location shared between participants.

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