Save Images in Google Chrome For iOS

That’s 3 Easy Ways to Save Images in Google Chrome For iOS

Google Chrome for iOS is one of the best alternatives to safari. For example, say you come across a cool picture that you want to download and use as your wallpaper or share with someone else but how to do that? But there is not only one way, multiple ways to save images in chrome.

Save Data To Photo App

The first way to save the images with PhotoApp. This way is a super-easy way to save images. Chrome makes it super easy to save any image that you come across to your photos app. Tap to PhotoApp on your screen menu and now tap to save the image and you should find the image copied over to the camera roll album of the Photos app automatically.

One more in photo app is google drive. Before backup your data your phone must be on a wi-fi network to backup photos and videos. On your, iPhone installs and open the google drive app. In the top left side top menu. At the top, tap settings and tap to start a backup. Now tap to copy the image and you should copy the image and then paste an image to google drive. After backup, you can see and use all your content across all devices.

Backup Your Hard Drive

One more option to your data by a backup of your hard drive. Make sure that your images are not saved only in one place(your desktop/laptop computer for example) duplicating the content of your hard drive periodically on an external hard drive is something to consider if you, don’t have another backup solution yet. Create a new folder on your external drive where you want backups to now to go. Name it something memorable but do not use spaces. There’s probably just one folder in there and it will be called back up. The original backup folder will now again contain something called backup but it will be a symbolic link.

How To Use Drag And Drop On iPad

If you want to make your iPad a productivity powerhouse, then drag and drop can help you. Here’s how to use it. Drag and drop were one of the big additions for iPad in iOS. You can select an item like a photo or another kind of file and drag it from its original location to another. This could be somewhere else in your current app. Drag and drop take advantage of the power of multi-touch, letting you move content between apps in a way that feels natural on iPad.Just tap and hold on an image, a file, or selected text and drag it to where you want it to go. With the help of it, you can also drag reminders, contacts, maps, and many more.

Saving Images To Clipboard

Saving images to the Photos app is fine, but what about copying them over directly to another app instead? It would be more useful if you want to add an image to note or message without selecting it from your photo library, right?…. For that, you should need to Simply tap on the Copy Image option on the menu (which come after tapping and holding an image for a couple of seconds), and then it should copy over to the iOS clipboard. Head over to an app (Messages, Notes, Mail, etc.) and tap and hold the area where you want to place the image and then Tap Paste and the image should appear immediately.

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