HERE! Some Simple Steps To Set Up And Using Amazon Fire TV

HERE! Some Simple Steps To Set Up And Using Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV stick is a brand of Amazon which is introduced in 2014. It is a small device which is Plug into a TVs HDMI port. Amazon Fire TV stick is one of the cheapest streaming devices. The users can not only view TV shows and movies but also they can use various apps like Netflix, YouTube, and HULU, etc.

HERE! Some Simple Steps To Set Up And Using Amazon Fire TV

This is a very useful device. This is a smart move to use your TV with many functionalities and good move to non-smart to smart TV. it will be helpful to access many applications in one device. Amazon Fire TV stick connects you to a world. You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows on HDTV. And also can access 2000+ applications.

You have voice search remote with the new version of ALEXA virtual assistant. With the remote control, you can find the episodes and results, play and control content. You also use the feature of voice and simply say ALEXA find this episode and ALEXA will show the result. You can easily control this voice feature and find thousands of TV shows and movies.

Connect The Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player. And it’s developed by Amazon. Amazon Fire TV is a Micro console remote. You can connect this fire TV stick over WiFi. Amazon Fire TV provides you 3 pieces. There is a USB cable, fire TV device, and a power adapter. This is a small device, that plugs into an HDMI or Your TV. You can connect with the source of remote control. This is very useful. If you like to watch Netflix and Hulu etc. then you will liked Amazon fire TV. Amazon Fire TV has many features.

Connect Amazon Fire TV on Your HDMI or TV

Following some simple steps to connect fire TV on your HDMI or TV:

  • Firstly, you need to plug in the USB mini cable into the power adapter.
  • After doing that, then plugin into the Fire TV stick.
  • Then, plug in the Fire TV into your TV or HDMI.
  • After then, you press the home button on your remote. Then, press the play button on your remote.
  • Then, select your language and WiFi network. And after doing that, you must create your password and enter your password and then connect.
  • Select the register option and create your own account and also you create your Amazon ID.
  • After creating your ID, you enter your Amazon login ID and password, then click the next.
  • Ahead, you get a confirmation code on your phone, you just type confirmation code and signed in.
  • Then, you got an option ‘save WiFi passwords to Amazon’ If you want to save your password then click yes, if you don’t want to click No.
  • Next, you got one more option to sign up for premium or decline. It’s your choice.
  • Then, one more option for choosing apps for downloading or decline.
  • After, you see popular services option or Tv channels option.
  • Select TV channels options, sports apps option and featured apps option on your right.
  • So, all set up your Amazon Fire TV stick.

Amazon TV Remote Control Options

Following some more interesting features of TV remote control to make your TV more interesting and entertaining-

  • Firstly, you go to the settings on the Fire TV menu.
  • If you want to connect ALEXA voice with your TV, so tap into the microphone button.
  • Amazon Fire TV provides you side Click Remote SC2-FT16K.
  • If you want to the previous page, you just tap on the ‘Back’ button.
  • It provides you official Amazon fire TV remote apps.
  • Apps, games, and media all are available in ‘home button’.


At the End of this article, you know about the AMAZON fire TV stick which is a good move to Non-smart to smart. You can easily set up and use the amazon fire TV stick. This device is Connect to the world. With the feature of voice assistant ALEXA, you can control, play and find thousands of TV shows and movies you can easily access many applications. With the new features, you can experience a new level of entertainment.

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